Spur TExa.

ECR Eternal Tari

BH Bubba

Bullet's Star


Bubba's star

This is a full-package Heifer with a great pedigree.  Lots of beef character / size and horns in perfect position. 

calf sire:  Hubbell's Dos rio catchit

Don Julio

Brazos Chex

Rebel Red

Katherine o21

Field of Pearls

BL Texa's Star

Dob:  March 21, 2017


​     Tip-to-tip:  44" - 5/17/19 

​PH#:  3/7

​Sale Price:  $1200 (includes heifer calf at-side)

Star Vision

Eternally Tari

2019 calf Sire:  Hubbell's Dos Rio Catchit

Temptations the ace