Cowboy Catchit Chex

JP Rio Grande

BL Rio Catchit

 BL Clearly Rio

Hubbells' Dos rio catchit  x clear chot

​Dob:  4/14/2018

Hubbell's Rio Beauty II

36 months

Hubbells Miss

​Favorite Beauty

cowboy chex

18 months

12 months

24 months

Hubbell's Dos Rio Catchit


​Cowboy CAtchit Chex x  Hubbells's Rio Beauty II

​Tip to Tip:  83"  (5/17/19)

​TLBAA No: Bi93478

Beautiful bull that is one of only a handful ever to reach 80" by 36 months.  perfect horn position and roll!  JP Rio Grand on top and bottom and his grand dam, BL Rio Catchit, remains one of the longest TTT longhorn cows. 

*We have used this bull for multiple Breeding seasons and are ready to pass him along to a new home. 

For Sale:  $2100