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Eternally Tari

The Ace


​The Ace



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ecr eternal tari

Don Julio

80" TTT horn genetics in his pedigree than any other bull in the breed. When evaluating for consistency, he had ECR Eternal Tari over 82" TTT, Tempter over 80" TTT, Temptation's The Ace who was over 80" TTT, and Tari Graves FM49 who was over 80" TTT.  Don't forget that Field of Pearls has also produced Overkill and he is over 79" TTT.  Lamb's Temptation produced an 80" TTT son, Temptation's The Ace, as well as an 80" TTT daughter who produced an 80" TTT offspring.

Tari Graves FM 49


Spur Texa


​Tempter x ECR Eternal Tari

​Tip to Tip:  64 1/2"

​TLBAA No:  BTi83701

​AI Cert #:  781 


A son of Tempter who had a flashy paint job, lateral horns rolling back hard, a solid frame and a great disposition. This bull was a Game changer who had one of the most